The Top Game Consoles – Sony PlayStation 3

When it comes to entertainment, people don’t seem to be bother with the high living expenses. They always find the most valid reason to have their own game console and play their favorite games. Even the most expensive console today called PlayStation 3 sells like pancakes in gaming stores.

Being sold at $500 per unit, PlayStation 3 is said to be the most luxurious console that man has ever seen. One may say that this price is too much for a gaming product, but let me remind you that Sony has the most advanced technology when it comes to electronics, and rest assured that their product works the same.

Having a game console that has a Blu-Ray player exclusively made for PlayStation is enough for a $500 product, but it does not stop even there. How about having HDMI support, Wi-Fi capability, USB and SD card slots, Bluetooth 2.0, IEEE 802.1, 250 GB hard disk, wireless Dualshock controllers, quad core processors by IBM, graphics engine powered by ATI, audio engine developed by Dolby Digital and a futuristic style? Well, I can say that these are the best things a gaming console can offer. I can say that PlayStation is more of an entertainment machine rather than just a simple console.

Unfortunately, there is a big problem with this console. It seems to me that Sony is the only console manufacturer that doesn’t want to develop games. They already lack 3rd party partners that will help them develop games and they too don’t prefer to develop games for their own product. Most of the matches that can be played using PlayStation 3 use the best graphics and audio possible but the number of titles isn’t just enough.

These are some of the things that you need to remember when you are thinking of buying PlayStation 3. Always keep in mind that more than its ability to deliver the best entertainment possible, a game console, is still a game console that requires more playable games.

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Game Console Reviews – Atari 2600

Game consoles are one of the best ways to entertain you, your family and your friends. However, these things wouldn’t be possible if not for the first-ever made console called Atari 2600. This article will be discussing this primitive gaming product, and will show you some of its impressive features 30 years ago. This will help you learn how game consoles evolved and how technology has brought our gaming experience to a whole new level.

This video game console was released in 1977 and with its hit game Pac-Man, Atari 2600 rapidly gained popularity in the gaming world. Atari 2600 uses a dedicated hardware that has all the games built inside the console. Although micro-processors were already available during that time, it was only Fairchild Channel F that uses this technology. Atari 2600 brought gaming to the world and is the most popular form of entertainment during that time.

Unfortunately this console is only available in pubs and arcades wherein you need to insert tokens in order to play games. This product is normally bundled with two joystick controllers and a conjoined pair of propel controllers, with a built-in game inside the machine, which allows two gamers to play at the same time.

The outline of Atari 2600 is quite similar with most video gaming consoles and home computers during that time. This only uses 128 bytes of RAM which allows it to read games and display video using the built-in screen. Having a frame buffer inside during that time is almost impossible, because the needed RAM for it will be very expensive and impractical.

Although it may seem lame for us today, Atari 2600 is considered as the most technologically advanced machine during that time. In addition to its “powerful” features, Atari 2600 also supports several input devices like joysticks, keyboards, and propel controllers.

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